Late Start…New Beginning was born out of Decatur native, Steve Miller's long time passion to share his music with the world.


It turns out that being friends with the likes of Chris Hennessee, who tours with Jamey Johnson, pays off when you begin to craft your own brand of country.


Miller partnered with Hennessee as co-producer and many of the Johnson band members to record his first album.


He also had the album engineered and mixed by the best - T.W. Cargile. The top notch team behind Miller’s inaugural album brought energy, life, and rich sound to Miller’s carefully crafted lyrics. 

When Steve Miller began working on his first album in his sixties he made sure to pay homage to his all time fav, Johnny Cash. Miller covers Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues" and “Ring of Fire” with rich vocals, sure to please any long time fan.

Late Start is infused with mementos from Miller’s family history from past to present.


Catch a glimpse of Miller’s love for his family in, “Heart Full of Love,” written about his mother and grandson.


His dad’s hard work ethic wasn’t lost on his son, as the song "Wish You Could Have Known My Dad" recalls, and will be passed on to his grandson as he takes the stage from time to time to learn the Miller craft.

From beginning to end Miller has created a down home country album that can’t be missed.

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